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OMG! Sweet Filthy Boy Scene from Ansel’s POV

sweet filthy morning after quoteOnce this blog is more substantial and I have more posts on here, one thing will becomeĀ abundantly clear:

Christina Lauren books are my everything. They are my favorites. I want to be their BFF.

If you’re judging me, I’m assuming it’s just because you haven’t read any of their books. The Beautiful Bastard series is one I recommend to every person I meet that has ever enjoyed a romance book. (Sidebar: my sister calls me a media pusher…always telling people what to read, watch listen to, etc. She says it’s usually annoying.)

I don’t take offense if I recommend a book to a friend and they don’t like it. Unless that book was by Christina Lauren. Then…friendship over, pretty much.

Which is why I feel like it would’ve been okay to publish a blog post with one sentence, and one sentence only:

Christina Lauren published a scene from Sweet Filthy Boy from Ansel’s POV.

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