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movedI decided to buy a domain name and move from (which is hosted) to a self-hosted website. This will give me more control over the design and features, so I can hopefully make the blog an awesome place to be.



Review: Very Wicked Beginnings by Ilsa Madden-Mills

very wicked beginningsI realized too late that I probably should have read Very Wicked Things before I read Very Wicked Beginnings. I thought it was simply the second in the series, not a prequel that was published after the second book. #Oopsie.

However, now that I’m looking, I’m still really confused. In some places it lists the two books as Briarcrest Academy #2 and #3, and elsewhere #1.5 and #2. So I guess it’s an easy mistake to make. Plus, it was on sale for the great price of $0.00 and I’m still waiting on a loan for Very Wicked Things to come through via


Let me preface this by saying that it took me until about 40% to really get into Very Bad Things, so I was hesitant to read this. I hadn’t quite decided if I wanted to continue the series, but since I knew the books was short and free, I figured why not?

Ugh, I’m really rambling. Sorry. This review might become as long as the novella if I don’t reign it in.

Ready, set, focus.

Rating: 4 stars

Recommended for: New adult fans, and obviously anyone who’s enjoyed previous books in the Briarcrest Academy and looking for something to read in one sitting.

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OMG! Sweet Filthy Boy Scene from Ansel’s POV

sweet filthy morning after quoteOnce this blog is more substantial and I have more posts on here, one thing will become abundantly clear:

Christina Lauren books are my everything. They are my favorites. I want to be their BFF.

If you’re judging me, I’m assuming it’s just because you haven’t read any of their books. The Beautiful Bastard series is one I recommend to every person I meet that has ever enjoyed a romance book. (Sidebar: my sister calls me a media pusher…always telling people what to read, watch listen to, etc. She says it’s usually annoying.)

I don’t take offense if I recommend a book to a friend and they don’t like it. Unless that book was by Christina Lauren. Then…friendship over, pretty much.

Which is why I feel like it would’ve been okay to publish a blog post with one sentence, and one sentence only:

Christina Lauren published a scene from Sweet Filthy Boy from Ansel’s POV.

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Review: The Wild Side by R.K. Lilley

the wild side

As a huge fan of R.K. Lilley, I was really excited for The Wild Side. The excerpt I read also really intrigued me because everything seemed mysterious.

I did enjoy it, but not as much as I was expecting to.

Rating: 4 stars

Recommended for: Fans of erotica (this book really is basically nothing but sex), anyone looking for a book with little commitment or looking for something to read between longer books (I finished this in an hour and a half).

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