Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by! If you can’t tell by the title, I’m a bit of a talker (I bumble), so bear with me here…

About Book Bumblings

I started this blog in June 2014 as a place for ALL THE FEELS I have when I read. But this isn’t your average book blog. Those are full of reviews and giveaways that almost always break the terms of service on one social network or another (Background: I work in marketing and actually have to read those terms of service and rules for contests. Even if it’s my favorite blog breaking the rules, it’s still frustrating to everyone who does things the right way.).

Honestly, for as much as I love reading books and talking about them, I’ve never really liked writing traditional reviews. I find myself overwhelmed by Amazon and Goodreads. To me, the experience of reading a book can’t be reduced to a number of stars. There will be chapters you want to give 5 stars to and read over and over again. There will be others you skim. That makes it hard for me to boil all of the emotions felt while reading a book down to a single-digit number.

I think that makes me weird, but it’s just one more thing to add to the list.

But anyway…

Instead of just reading new releases, giving them a number one through five, and writing more details, I’m not really planning on doing reviews.

So what will I be talking about? The experience of reading a book – what I felt during which parts, who my favorite character was, and other straight up feelings. I’ll also be writing about characters, authors, tropes, etc.

So I guess this isn’t so much a blog about books as it is a blog about reading! 🙂

About Me

I’m a twenty-something content marketer (this means writing stuff for websites, blog posts, social media, emails, and other stuff you usually find annoying when it’s coming from a company instead of a friend). Basically, I write stuff and then come up with strategies to get people to see what I wrote.

So, yeah. I spend 50+ hours a week writing posts for blogs and social media sites and now I’m adding a few more hours per week doing the same thing for this blog. I must be crazy.

In the rare free time I do have, I’m usually reading (obviously) or deep into a Netflix binge (unless I’m watching my coveted box sets of Friends or Will & Grace). When I actually get myself to exercise, I don’t hate it much, but I do love dancing.

I like all kinds of books, but mostly read romance at this point. In my opinion, the best romance books have you hot and bothered one chapter and laughing out loud the rest. My favorite authors (at the moment) are Christina Lauren, Penny Reid, and J. Lynn/Jennifer Armentrout.


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